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Kitchen and Bath Design

Floor Plan

We Visit You at Home

First, we cover questions you have over the phone. Usually we can give you a close approximation of what you are likely to spend on your new kitchen or bathroom by simply asking you a few important questions. If you would like to proceed, our fee is a deposit of $175.00 to go towards your cabinetry purchase. For this fee our expert designer will measure your kitchen or bathroom and gather all site information related to the project.


Preliminary Computer Design

At our second meeting, we will present and go over the preliminary design and make any revisions. Depending on availability, this meeting can take place within the following week. In addition to cabinetry, we can also assist with the pricing of countertops, plumbing fixtures, appliances, flooring, and backsplash. We can also give you reliable pricing estimates for construction costs. We are glad to work with a contractor you have selected or with one of the many we regularly refer based on the quality of their work and with no remuneration to Carriage House Design, Inc. Unless you require printouts of our work, everything to this point is included in your initial deposit of $175.00.


Beginning the Design Process in Finer Detail

After spending approximately 8 hours between meeting with you and working on your design, should you like to proceed with the project, we then require an additional deposit of $1,500.00. for kitchens or $750.00 for bathrooms. We will then begin the design process in more detail, and release all present and future floor plans, elevations, and drawings to you.

A portion of this deposit will also be applied to the cost of your cabinets when the order is placed through Carriage House Design, Inc. The deposit simply assures us that we will be compensated for our design work on your kitchen or bathroom design.

Floor Plan

Perspective CAD Drawing

EChelseaPond Perspective02.jpg

Perspective CAD Rendering

EChelseaPondColor Rendering.jpg

Completed Project Photo

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